Hello, how nice that you are here…

I am Sabina, the founder and the creative and technical head of Studio GingerCollage — tailoress, fashion designer and pattern maker

I am delighted that you are diving into my world of lovingly designed sewing patterns, handmade clothes and accessories, the virtual home of my studio.

I had the pleasure to live my passion for designing and manufacturing garments combined with the pattern making and the craft of tailoring at various couture labels and fashion brands in Vienna, Hamburg, and Zurich.

Now I live with my family in the beautiful Markgräflerland region at the southern foot of the Black Forest.

Feel inspired and get creative. Sew your clothes according to your wishes and needs. Immerse yourself in the process of creating and designing your own personal style. Feel the happiness that grows with every piece you create with your hands.

I am driven by my enthusiasm and appreciation for sewing and for consciously designing and tailoring my own favourite pieces.

I share this passion with so many people, what is really incredibly beautiful and exciting.

With my patterns, I want to promote the joy of self-sewn clothing and thus the sustainable use of fabrics and fashion and broaden the view of the value of the work that goes into a piece of clothing.

Create your own slow fashion world with self-sewn outfits that fit perfectly.

I would love to share the joy of my work with you, even if you appreciate lovingly handmade clothes but don't sew yourself. I will offer ready-made pieces as small series or as individual pieces in small campaigns.

Please don't hesitate to email me at sabina@gingercollage.com or get in touch via the contact button if you particularly like one of my designs and would like to have it ready-made.


I wish you happy sewing and wearing your Studio GingerCollage garments.
All the best, Sabina