Studio GingerCollage is finally online

Welcome to my virtual studio.
I am delighted that you are here and that you can be whisked away into my creative world of patterns and lovingly designed clothing and accessories.

Sewing is not just a hobby or in my case a profession.
Sewing is creativity and the desire to design, the expression of own ideas, the joy of doing, the mindful handling of fabrics and accessories as well as the selection and combination of these.
Sewing shows us how much it takes to make a garment and how much value there is in this work. I firmly believe that making our own clothes has a lasting impact on our approach to fashion and the consumption of clothes.
On this blog I aim to provide you with sewing tips, hacks of my patterns and showcasing your makes from my patterns, as well as calls for test sewings for new patterns.

For those who do not sew themselves but love Studio GingerCollage's designs, I would also like to keep planning offers in the future.
Do you already have a design in mind and would like to have it ready made? Feel free to email me at sabina@studiogingercollage.com.

The first post with a pattern hack is already in progress and will be coming soon.
I hope you have fun browsing and sewing.

All the best, Sabina
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