Evi Ava Kleid in blauen und grünen Musselin

Sew Your Summer Love

Blouse Evi and Ava Skirt a breezy, summery combination

Last year, while I was in the process of developing the pattern for the Evi Blouse, it occurred to me that the Evi Blouse and the Ava Skirt could be combined to create a beautiful and breezy summer dress. A dark green Double Gauze was still waiting in my closet for its destiny.

And what can I say? I wore the dress, this fusion of Evi and Ava, for half the summer. I didn't realise until then how comfortable Double Gauze is on the skin in summer. The combination of the fabric with this loose, light cut makes it a summery, elegant favourite piece with a special wearing comfort. You can live in it.

In the following instructions I will tell you how to combine the two patterns into one dress.

The two patterns for this dress - Evi Blouse and Ava Skirt you find in our shop in the "Summer Love Pattern Package"


You need the following pattern pieces

from Blouse Evi:

  • front part (shortened, see following instructions)
  • back part (shortened, see following instructions)
  • sleeve
  • bias stripes for the neckline and the back slit

from Skirt Ava:

  • front part
  • back part
  • pocket inside
  • pocket with yoke

You create the following patterns yourself:

  • waistband inside front
  • waistband inside back

Approximately how much fabric do you need:

I used about 3.70 m of fabric with a fabric width of approx. 1.35 m for size 38. I opted for the long version of the Ava Skirt.

What else do you need:

  • Elastic band about 2 cm wide
  • matching sewing thread


Measure from around the 7th cervical vertebra, where the back neckline meets the spine, to the waist, at the point where the waist and the elastic of your dress should sit. The feeling for the right height of the waist is individual for everyone. I chose a centre back length of 37.5 cm for my top.


Pattern modifications Evi blouse – top part

I sewed the Evi top without a button placket. I decided to sew it with a back slit. I removed the button placket in the pattern and cut the back piece in the fold. Of course, you can also make your dress with a button placket.


Calculate your desired waistband width from the length of your top. I chose an elastic width of 2.5 cm. In order for the elastic band to fit well in the tunnel, it should be a few millimetres wider than the elastic. I calculated 3 cm for the tunnel plus 1 cm seam allowance. Accordingly, I draw a mark at the centre back of my top pattern at 41.5 cm in length.

Now measure the distance from the hem to your mark. Draw a line parallel to the hem at the same distance. You do this on the back and front pieces.

Shorten your top pattern along this line. Now your top, including the waistband width, is ready.

Next, prepare the pattern of your inner waistband. For the width of the finished pattern piece you need the previously calculated width of your tunnel, in my case, this is 3 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance each at the upper and lower edge – results in a width of 5 cm.

Now copy the bottom edge and part of the centre front and centre back as well as the side seams from your pattern pieces for the front and back waistband pieces. Draw a parallel for your new pattern pieces for the inner waistband. In my example, the distance to the parallel is 5 cm. Cut out the two pattern pieces for the front and back inner waistband.


You now have all the pattern pieces ready for the top.

 Pattern modifications Ava Skirt – bottom

For my dress, I chose the long version of the Ava Skirt. You do not need the waistband part that is intended for the skirt in the pattern. You can use all other pattern pieces in your size exactly as they are. You are ready to cut. 

Sewing instructions

Make the Evi top as described in the sewing instructions for the pattern. Leave the bottom hem open.

Sew the Ava Skirt as explained in the instructions oft the pattern but leave out the waistband processing of the skirt. Measure the bottom edge of your Evi top at front and back. Gather the upper edge of your skirt so that the front and the back parts of the top and bottom match.

Sew the side seams of your inner waistband together with a seam allowance of 1 cm and neaten the seam allowances or trim them with zigzag scissors. Iron the top edge of the inner waistband 1 cm inwards.



Sew the blouse and skirt together (1). Then pin the bottom edge of the waistband to the seam of the top and bottom from the inside and sew on the waistband (2).



Now iron the prepared waistband part up into the top and sew it on edge-close.

Leave a small opening in an inconspicuous place so that you can later pull in the elastic band.

Measure the elastic by wrapping it around your waist. Take the width that suits you plus 1 cm at both ends for seam allowance.

Once you've threaded your elastic into the waistband, lay the ends of the elastic flat on top of each other and sew them together with a square as shown in the illustration above. In this way, a wider area of ​​the elastic is evenly loaded and not just one assembly seam. This is especially important when the elastic band is under tension.

Finally, close the opening you left for the elastic band to pull through.

Congratulations, you've fused your Evi and your Ava into one beautiful summer dress. You will love spending your summer in this flattering feminine dress.

I am currently looking for fabric inspiration for another version of my summer love. I would love a checked version.

Let me know how your Evi and Ava summer love turns out. Feel free to link @studio_gingercollage on Instagram to share your creation from my patterns. I'm always happy to see what beautiful things you've made.

Use the hashtag #summerlovebystudiogingercollage for this wonderful dress.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support.

In my pattern shop, you can now find a pattern package

“Evi & Ava - summer love”. It contains both patterns at a special price.


Have fun sewing and wearing them, 

Your Sabina from Studio GingerCollage

Dearest thanks to my wonderful sister Dana, who took these photos with me in no time at all, while our children were digging in the sand and holding their feet in the sea.

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